Business is complicated.
Our solutions are not.

We know that the right methodology is the one that gives you the upper hand against the competition. So we like to think of ourselves as methodology-agnostic. We start with the business problem you’re trying to solve then figure out how to get there quickly.

But in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, speed is everything. We strike a balance between getting the right learnings in the right amount of time. So you can get the information you need to make decisions today.


The FACT™ Framework

Our proprietary FACT™ framework is built on a steadfast belief that winning business strategies come from an objective and thorough outlining and understanding of the business’ FOUNDATION, accurate and actionable market intelligence to ANALYZE and act on, quantifiable data and projections to CALIBRATE the magnitude and breadth of the opportunity, and the right tools to TRANSLATE learnings into successful moves in the market.


This is the first step. Here, we set the stage for future work by understanding a few things: the full context of the marketplace, a picture of what success looks like, questions and hypotheses you have and key dimensions of the market:

    Current category context from the perspective of the brand, competitor, product and consumer
    Target opportunities and influences that are relevant to and potentially right for the business
    Current business assets


With solid market intelligence as our guide, Analyze executes the right learning plan to move the business forward. We align on what we know so far, articulate working hypothesis for the business and determine further areas of examination to solidify the opportunity. This phase can include either qualitative and quantitative research tailored to your specific needs. And we begin identifying potential opportunities that address questions and objectives outlined earlier in the process.


This provides the quantifiable data we need to validate and finalize the critical insights we’ve uncovered to understand the magnitude of the opportunity. Quantitative intelligence can include market sizing, volumetrics, revenue projections and establishment of success metrics.


With actionable recommendations, now you can act on what we’ve learned. Our business strategy overview moves things forward in a way that is useful and insightful for the next stage (product innovation, creative campaign, etc.) of the game. This is also when we work with your “next phase” partners to make sure the translation of our learnings is easy and accurate for the team.


“When we have hard questions to answer and unrealistic timelines, I know who to call…Art and his team in Chicago. The ability of E2A Partners to balance exactly what marketing intelligence information we need, get it done and delivered, allows us to be well prepared for customer meetings. They always deliver to help us move forward.”


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