Arturo Angel

With an infectious energy, and entrepreneurial drive, Art has spent over 15 years leading global business development, revenue & profitability growth, talent acquisition and IP development for a leading insights and research company in the US.


C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs alike have come to rely on Art for consistently insightful, innovative and actionable consul that brings a smart, fresh perspective to their business challenges. A dedicated strategic thinker, human behaviorist, mentor and all-around data geek, Art is relentless in seeking the truth in data that can provide clarity to clients in their quest to evolve and mitigate risk in today’s ever-changing world.

Ask him about any DIY project you may be thinking about taking on...he’s probably done it and might even have some insights into how best to do it.

Art holds a BS in Marketing from DePaul University, where he minored in finance.


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