A revival of consumers’ connection with kitchens & cooking.

January 31, 2020
DIY is up in the downturn.
May 5, 2020

We do a lot of work in the #cookware space, at E2A PARTNERS. And since cooking at home is such a hot topic right now, I had some fun digging into just how much it is on consumers’ minds, by using public Google trends data to uncover some pretty powerful insights.

These days, we’re all turning to our kitchens and cooking for both practical and emotional reasons. And when consumers want something, we search for it! In the past two months, there has been a huge spike in search for #kitchen & #cooking related terms. Our minds know this to be true, and the data tells us it’s going to have a real impact on demand and #consumerbehavior going forward.

#Retailers and #manufacturers, start planning now. Hope you enjoy the infographic, shedding light on the “from-to” occurring in the kitchen, cooking and cookware categories!

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