About Us

Founded in 2016 as a market intelligence and market research consultancy, E2A PARTNERS’ mission is to provide our clients with the most accurate, relevant, and actionable data and insights.

E2A PARTNERS aim to empower our clients to act quickly and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. We take pride in our ability to offer clients TRUE and RELIABLE data, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary intelligence to make informed decisions.

Our consultancy is grounded in social sciences and data analytics with strength in market sizing, market segmentation, brand positioning, competitive intelligence, customer and stakeholder analysis, and product and pricing research.

Through our commitment to the highest quality research and analysis, E2A PARTNERS has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and organizations looking to make smarter decisions faster and with reliable data.

We are structured to be faster, more innovative, and more agile while remaining tethered to TRUTH.


Arturo Angel


A leader in data analytics, market research, and branding strategy, Art has experience across consumer, business-to-business, and healthcare markets both internationally and domestically. A builder by nature, Art is well known for his ability to institutionalize the use of data for his clients among insights, innovation, and marketing teams, as well as sales and operations. He is well-rounded with expertise across research methodology, brand marketing, go-to-market strategy, and advanced analytics. Art is a classically trained market researcher and brand strategist with experience across the entire value chain.

Art’s expertise in method development, data science, and analysis makes him a natural translator of data to marketing and business strategies.

Nick Angel


Nick is an associate at E2A PARTNERS with a background in research and technology. Over the years he’s developed a diverse skill set that allows him to approach problem solving and critical thinking with ingenuity, persistence, and vigilance. He specializes in analysis and reporting.

Theresa Schreiber


Theresa has over 30 years of qualitative research experience.  She is experienced in an array of methodologies including focus groups, in-depth interviewing (face-to-face and virtual) and ethnography. Theresa has a broad range of moderating experience with consumers, business-to-business and healthcare professionals.

Industry/category proficiencies include: CPG, healthcare, financial, retail, manufacturing, advertising, communications, usability and legal.

Curt Stenger


Curt brings over 20 years advanced analytics & management experience to every engagement. His experience includes leading marketing science groups for a number of leading marketing research and consulting groups including Kantar and Ipsos.

Curt is well-versed in both traditional and non-traditional segmentation and modeling. His modeling experience includes hierarchical models, structural equation models, Bayesian networks and agent-based models.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Fortune 500 companies to start-ups

Our clients have come to rely on us to bring a smart new perspective grounded in TRUTH to their business challenges and move their business forward.

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