Our method of problem-solving is straightforward. We effortlessly blend scientific rigor, contextual understanding, and strategic translation to provide the best solutions for intricate business problems. Our approach is based on strict scientific principles guaranteeing our findings’ precision, dependability, and replicability. Converting these insights into simple and practical strategies that can be implemented immediately is what empowers our clients to make decisions quickly.


Business Problem

What business problem are we solving.


Scientific Rigor

Unbiased truth and best-in-class methods.


Contextual Insights

Relevant and actionable insights.


Strategic Translation

Direction that will move your business forward, today.

Our Promise, Our Truth

Our dedication to data quality is the critical factor that sets E2A PARTNERS apart and helps our clients achieve success more accurately and efficiently. Without quality data, analysis and insight are subjective and not scalable, so we take data quality very seriously and have put strict quality control measures in place to guarantee your information’s accuracy, completeness, and consistency.special infoelf bar 600gear4 phone case

Sampling & Pre-Field Measures

Representative Sampling Approaches

  • Scientific Sampling and Weighting Expertise

Fraud Mitigation Techniques

  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Behavioral Tracking
  • Bot Detection
  • Geo-IP Tracking
  • URL Manipulation

In-Field Measures

Stringent Screening Criteria

  • Identify respondents which are of utmost interest to clients

“Red Herring” Questions

  • Help to ensure full respondent engagement throughout our surveys
  • Disqualification of respondents that are not fully engaged

Backend Measures

“Speeder” & “Straight-liner” Removal

  • Examination of each respondent’s time to complete the survey
  • Review of responses to grid questions to identify lack of variance in responses for each respondent

Data Cleaning

  • Execute data cleaning pre-launch, post pilot launch, & upon full completion of the field

Spotlight:  Scientific Sampling & Weighting Expertise

Our Approach

We implement data weighting and calibration among the total sample of respondents that touch the survey before proceeding into the data analysis phase. Dimensions we typically use for weighting include gender, household income, age, race/ethnicity, and geography.

The Payoff

A superior, final representative sample and does not neglect the fact that our screening criteria may naturally affect the proportions of that final sample. That is, it ensures we have a representative sample going into the survey, not coming out of the survey.


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