Over the past decade, there has been a shift in the world of insights and research.  A client’s first question use to be, “What research?”  Today it is, “Why research?”  Ouch.

At E2A PARTNERS, we’ve seen this shift driven by our clients continually being pressed to deliver [fill in the blank], faster.  Even the most well-versed cheerleaders of research and data can perceive the research process as a time and resource suck.  And that begs the question: what’s the best use of my resources to get what I need – this research or something else that might be easier?

And that’s precisely why we’re doing this series: Digging Into Dynamic Research.

Today, consumer and brand research is more critical and relevant to business than ever before. Companies are tasked to move faster and be leaner and smarter at each step.  In other words, do more with less. One way to tackle that hurdle is through proprietary information.  Data and knowledge that will give brands an edge to think differently, move quicker, make better decisions, and do more, more efficiently.  We call that being dynamic.

At E2A PARTNERS, the process of dynamic research is defined by learning goals, not methodologies.  It is a fluid, real-time learning process, involving test & adapt methods using ever-evolving technologies.  The primary objective is not simply to speed up the process.  The real purpose of dynamic research is to incorporate knowledge collection and opportunity identification into the process.  The result being continuous, fluid market intelligence.

One of our go-to guys for inspiration is Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee – if you don’t follow him, do it now. You can thank us later.)  The unique perspective, ideas, and energy he brings to the table are exactly what we need to evolve our own thinking and push our limits of what’s possible.  Professionally and personally.  Speed with purpose is a concept he writes about frequently, and we thought it was worth sharing some of his high-level philosophies for our journey into 2020.

Staying ahead of the game.  Timing is everything these days.  And if you’re not ahead of clients and your competition in your thinking about what-if’s and opportunities, you’re behind.  And no one is going to hire you to come in to help if they have to catch you up.  Stay ahead.

Be in “do-mode.”  This idea really struck a chord with our team.  There are a lot of talkers out there, but there are very few doers.  At E2A, we want to be known for being do-ers.  Bring us your problems, your ideas, your vision, and our team will make that a reality.  We want to be the one clients call when they need to get sh*t done.

Focusing on execution.  Execution is the reward.  It’s proof that your thinking, ideas, recommendations, and solutions will work.  Show it off and bring it to market before anyone else.

It’s not about cutting corners.  This. Is. Huge.  And this is the basis of dynamic research. Because our processes might be more efficient, that doesn’t mean that concessions have been made, or that details have been overlooked.  It means that through years of experience, we know what works and what does not, and how to trim the fat without sacrificing substance.

Stop worrying about the micro, focus on the macro.  Get out of the weeds, people.  This doesn’t mean they’re not essential but be good delegators and let people do their job.  This way everyone can focus on what they’re good at to get to a successful end-game sooner.

With speed comes the need for patience.  “You need to understand that no matter how fast you work, it doesn’t happen overnight… It may happen in 7 years (which is incredibly fast by most people’s standards), but it’s not going to happen overnight.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

With a refresh in mindset and perspective, our team at E2A PARTNERS has proven that it is possible to deliver the most accurate, projectible data and thought-provoking insights, while gathering information in less conventional, resource-saving ways.  When you have a team that has deep-rooted analytical expertise, a breadth of experience, and open minds, dynamic work happens.

Next week we will explore how E2A PARTNERS is bringing dynamic research to life.  We are continuously looking to new data collection technologies, refining strategies, methods, insight details, strategic partnerships and even the term “research” to move data and insights from being a nice-to-have to being an attainable must-have in all businesses, big and small, new and old.  Tune in in a couple of weeks for all the insights and how we’re using technology to forge the future for our clients.

One final thought…

It’s a new world for all of us, whether we’re running a Fortune 500, rebranding a growing business, or hustling a start-up – there are no sacred industries.  And in this new world, we’re either a “do-er” or a “didn’t-er.” Do is being in the present, staying ahead and continuously striving to do and get better. Didn’t is in the past; it’s gone, you didn’t do something you wanted to do, said you would do, or needed to do.  You can only control one because it’s ahead of you. The other is in the past and out of your control.

It’s a new year.  A new decade.  Let’s be do-ers, people!  What are you planning to DO in 2020? #dynamicresearch #letsdotogether #scrum

Written by E2A PARTNERS

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